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I'm Mario kid from Dallas, TX. Take the time to get to know me and you won't be disappointed. This is my place to pour out my mind and my heart. My own little escape from reality.
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i look back now & ask myself… why the fuck did i pick you?

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Short replies

I hate them. You’re actually trying to make an effort to talk to someone and all you get are two or three worded answers. At least try to make some effort to continue the conversation. Unless you don’t want to talk then tell me, I don’t want to waste time talking to somebody that obviously has no interest in talking to me.

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I nije bitno je li &#8220;hljeb&#8221;, &#8220;kruh&#8221; ili &#8220;hleb&#8221;.. Svi su od brašna. I nije bitno je li Hrvat, Bosanac ili Srbin..  Svi su ljudi od krvi i mesa! #bosnia #helpbosna #prayforbosnia #prayforserbia  (at Bosnia)


&lt;/3 RIP 

Just want to say BOSNIA had the best fans ever! Good job tonight boys you all played amazing

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I want someone who’s down

just down to do shit, all the time. whether it’s the middle of the night, early in the morning, or just any time of the day. people are so dull nowadays. they just want to stay inside all the time. where’s the fun in that? how about a spontaneous drive to the beach or the mountains at 4 in the morning? or sit on the swings at the park? or walking instead of driving everywhere? i want someone that’s down to do those kinda things with me..

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Fuck life

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